Advance Cosmetology Academy

49 West Queen Way, Hampton, VA Phone (757)329-6861


Our students and communities we serve, the faculty and administration of Advance Cosmetology Academy are dedicated to the accomplishment of the following:

  • We will depend on the economic growth of the community
  • We are clear on individual accountability and committed to a competitive career
  • We take our mission seriously to build winners as a team
  • Recording and reporting is always done on timely and accurate basis.
  • We conduct honesty in all transactions and communicate issues appropriately.
  • We do not engage in any transactions or business dealings that have or appear to have a conflict of interest.
  • Our customer/student needs are considered first in all things.
  • We seek solutions, not excuses
  • We work sharing a common goal with responsibilities and challenging ideas constructively and offer solutions.

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